Rental Eco Car Frequently Asked Questions section allows you to find answers to the most common questions about the service we offer. If you have not found an answer to your query, please send us an email to our customer service center at the following address info@rental-ecocar.com where we will assist you as soon as possible.

You can also contact us through our contact form or on the telephone numbers that you will find in the contact section of our website https://rental-ecocar.com/

Our priority is to offer transparent prices without hidden costs. To obtain a quote that suits your needs, we recommend that you provide us with complete information during the reservation process.

The rate includes unlimited mileage, Compulsory Civil Liability insurance (with coverage for personal injury and one for material damage arising from the use and circulation of the vehicle): Collision Damage Coverage with franchise (CDW . Collision Damage Waiver ) and Personal Injury Insurance (PAI. Personal accident Protection ).

The price does not include any extra or service not explicitly specified, such as child seats, additional drivers, GPS-navigators, fuel, additional insurance coverage not specified.

The Collision Damage Coverage with excess ( CDW) will imply the application of an excess, which will depend on the vehicle model contracted, and may vary between 600 and 1,200 euros. We put at your disposal additional coverage to extend the CDW coverage and cancel or modify the conditions of the franchise.

Coverage Type Vehicle Group Coverage amount

(Tax NOT included)

SCDW. Waiver of responsibility for damage to the vehicle by collision.

Super Collision Damage waiver

A / B / C 24.90 EUR / Day (Max. 348.60 Eur )
FROM 30.90 EUR / Day (Max. 432.60 Eur )
F/G 36.90 EUR / Day (Max. 516.60 Eur )


Coverage Type Vehicle Group Coverage amount

(Tax NOT included)

GT. Coverage for damage to Wheels and Windows

Tire & Glass coverage

A / B / C 7.90 EUR / Day (Max. 110.60 Eur )
FROM 11.90 EUR / Day (Max. 166.60 Eur )
F/G 15.90 EUR / Day (Max. 222.60 Eur )

All rentals and insurance coverage, as well as additional equipment, services and additional charges are subject to state taxes in the Canary Islands (IGIC), which are currently 15% for combustion vehicles; 7% for mixed vehicles and 0% for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Only the persons duly identified and authorized in the rental contract are authorized to drive the vehicle, provided that they have reached the age of 26, and are holders and are in possession of a valid driving license in force for at least 3 years. years of antiguaty.

The reservation and/or the rental contract must be made in the name of the main driver who must be in possession of the following documents in order to draw up the rental contract and pick up the vehicle:

– ID card or passport.
– Valid driving license in Spain or international driving license.
– Valid credit or debit card in the name of the driver.

You can book on our website with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. If you need to make a reservation before this time, you must contact our office directly on the phone (+34) 677 566 566 (Our business hours are from 09:00 to 18:00 GMT) or send us a message via WhatsApp.

The prices that will be indicated in the reservation process, both on the website and by phone, will depend on the category of the vehicle, the pick-up and return office, the duration of the rental and the extras that have been selected.

If you wish to cancel or modify a reservation, you can send us a message via WhatsApp or call us at (+34) 677 566 566 (09h 18h GTM), or send us an email to reservas@rental-ecocar.com indicating the reservation number, your first and last name, and the dates for which you made the reservation.

There are no charges for cancellation of reservations.

In case of modification of reservations, it will be subject to availability of the modified.

Our fleet is made up of different models of vehicles, combustion, hybrid and electric, which are classified into groups. When you request a specific vehicle, we will try to deliver the model that you have selected or requested, however, the model is not guaranteed in any case, so if we do not have the exact model selected, we will deliver a similar model, of the same group or a higher group for the same price.

The minimum contract is one day (24 hours). If your reservation or contract is for less than one day, the price applied will correspond to the rental of a full day.

You can pay it when you pick up the vehicle, although you will have a discount if you choose the option of paying in advance.

It is essential to present a valid credit or debit card in the driver’s name to make the payment and be able to pick up the vehicle.

Any other means of payment must be consulted with the corresponding rental office.

In the reservation process you can add the additional accessories or services that we have according to availability or model, such as, for example, seats / boosters for / for babies / children, navigator- gps , additional driver, etc.

Supplements for Additional Equipment, Additional Services, Additional Charges

Additional equipment* euros / day

(Tax NOT included)

Baby seat (0-13kg # Group 0+) €4.00 (Max. €56.00)
Child seat (0-10 kg / 9-18 kg # Group 0/1) €4.00 (Max. €56.00)
Booster seat (15-36 kg # Group 2/3) €4.00 (Max. €56.00)
Isofix seats €15.00 (Max. €210.00)
Navigation system €10.00 (Max. €140.00)

*Additional equipment will be requested upon request and will be subject to availability.

Additional services** euros

(Tax NOT included)

Aditional driver

A charge for the total rental will be applied for each additional driver.

Return in a different office ( One-Way )

If the client returns the vehicle in a different office than the one established in the rental contract, he must pay this additional charge at the time of completing the rental contract.

The return of the vehicle without prior notice in an office other than the collection will also entail the application of this additional charge that may be deducted from the Guarantee Deposit.

Delivery / return out of time

East service is available under request .

I know apply an position additional a all the reservations/rentals made out of the schedule from opening.

25.00 EUR
Delivery / Return at Tenerife South Airport

East service is available under request .

I know apply an position additional a all the reservations/rentals whose delivery and/or return office is the Tenerife Sur airport .

18.00 EUR
Delivery / Return at Tenerife North Airport

East service is available under request .

I know apply an position additional a all the reservations/rentals whose delivery and/or return office is the Tenerife North airport.

36.00 EUR
Late return of the vehicle

An extra 59 minutes (based on vehicle pick-up time) are allowed for vehicle return. Otherwise, if this grace period is exceeded, the client will be charged an extra day at the current rate.

According to model and rate
Return to a different branch without prior notice

When delivering the vehicle in an office or hotel other than the one agreed in the rental contract for its return, the customer will be charged for the extra days, at the current rate price, necessary for the recovery of the vehicle plus the transfer costs.

According to model and rate

** Additional services are subject to change, prior notification of 1 month in advance.

Loss or breakage of accessories or additional equipment*** Amount

(Tax NOT included)

vehicle key 200.00 EUR
emergency triangle 15.00 EUR
Reflective vest 15.00 EUR
First aid kit 90.00 EUR
vehicle documentation 25.00 EUR
Navigation system (Total or partial) 120.00 EUR
vehicle parts according to piece
Baby seat, child, booster 90.00 EUR
advertising lettering € 60.00
Electric recharge card 25.00 EUR
Accessories and charging cables 180.00 EUR
environmental label 25.00 EUR
erroneous refueling According to damage caused
Special cleaning upon return According to damage caused

*** Additional charges are subject to change, with prior notification of 1 month in advance.

To make an extension of your contract, we recommend calling our office where you will be informed about the availability and prices to make this extension.

If the information received is of interest to you and you decide to proceed with the extension, you must appear in person at any of our offices to be able to manage this extension personally and make the payment for the new reservation.

You will receive the vehicle with the complete documentation, as well as the vehicle key, tools and accessories and you agree to return the vehicle at the place, date and time stipulated in the rental agreement.

Unless it is on request and according to availability, for an extra charge, we offer the option of delivering and returning the vehicle in another place other than the office, such as airports and hotels.

If you return the vehicle before the scheduled date without giving notice, Rental Eco Car will not be obliged to apply any reduction to the rental price. It will be understood that there is an early return of the vehicle when the vehicle is returned before the day and time indicated in the rental contract. In any case, Rental Eco Car will apply a charge of 30% of the rental amount corresponding to the unused rental days (24-hour periods).

The prices indicated through our website or in our office include the following coverage: Compulsory Civil Liability, Partial Collision Coverage with excess, Anti-theft Coverage and Personal Accident Insurance.

Coverage for damage to Wheels and Windows, if you choose to contract it, covers the following damages: punctures, theft, loss and breakage (total or partial) of rims, tires, windows or windows, documents, chairs/ boosters for children, keys and vehicle accessories.

The SCDW (Collision Vehicle Damage Waiver) coverage gives you the possibility of waiving the excess payment by accepting an additional charge .

You can contract one or both coverages at the time of the reservation process.

They are excluded from the insurance coverage, as well as from any optional and/or limiting protection of contracted responsibility, being therefore full responsibility of the lessee, the damages to people and things, and to the vehicle that the same caused through intent or gross negligence.

It would not be covered, by any insurance and in any case, the damages caused by negligence of the driver or breach of the contract conditions such as the situations detailed below:

– Driving the vehicle on unauthorized or unpaved roads, or whose condition could pose a risk to the safety and integrity of the vehicle or a risk of damage to it;

– Paid transportation of passengers;

– Push or tow any vehicle or any other object, rolling or not;

– Participate in competitions, official or not;

– Carry out resistance tests on materials, accessories or products for the automobile;

– Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or narcotics;

– Transportation of goods that violate the law or legal provisions in force or for illegal purposes;

– Transportation of passengers in a number greater than that authorized and indicated in the Technical Inspection Sheet of the vehicle;

– Transportation of goods in weight, quantity and/or volume greater than that authorized in the Technical Inspection Sheet of the vehicle;

– Transportation of merchandise classified as special or dangerous by current transportation laws;

– Use or allow the vehicle to be used as a means or instrument for the commission of crimes, actions that are punishable, prohibited or simply sanctioned by the Law, assistance to criminals or protection, transport and shelter of objects from crimes;

– Make modifications to the structure or mount the roof rack or luggage/merchandise;

– Damage caused by negligent or malicious action by the lessee, such as poor care of the vehicle, its improper or illegal use, distraction or drowsiness while driving, intentionally causing damage to the vehicle, concealing damage caused to the vehicle from guilty manner or negligent use of the clutch, tampering with or unsealing the odometer.

– Wrong refueling.

– Subletting the vehicle or lending the vehicle to third parties not authorized in the contract.

– If the driver of the vehicle was not an authorized driver, or was not in possession of a valid driving license.

– Drive the vehicle outside Spanish territory or make transfers between islands;

– Fines for any violation of current legislation.

– Towing expenses due to accidents or breakdowns due to negligence of the driver, due to poor parking and/or removal of the vehicle by the authority due to improper use of the vehicle.

– In the cases in which the descriptive part of the accident and/or the amicable statement part is not delivered or is done late or incomplete, or false facts and data are recorded therein.

– In case of omission of the duty of assistance or omission of the obligation to obtain the police presence in case of accident or disaster

– Personal objects deposited inside the vehicle during the rental period.

– Dirty and/or damage the interior of the vehicle beyond what is implied by reasonable and careful use.

– When the rental contract has expired.

– Failure to comply with the rules of circulation and traffic established by current Spanish regulations at the time of renting the vehicle.

– Failure to comply with any of the conditions established in the rental contract

The deductible is applicable for accident and/or theft with or without wrongdoing. Value up to which you are responsible in the event of an accident or theft, and you must pay the amount of the excess by credit card as a guarantee for payment of possible damages caused to the vehicle.

With the Collision Damage Coverage with excess (CDW) the responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle, parts and accessories is limited to the amount of the excess, provided that the use of the vehicle is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. rent.

The amount of the excess is established based on the different categories of the vehicle, and may vary between 600 and 1,200 euros. This information will be obtained during the reservation process and you will have the option to eliminate it with the contracting of the SCDW coverage.

Vehicle Group Franchise Amount Currency
A / B / C 600.00 EUR
FROM 900.00 EUR
F/G 1,200.00 EUR

If you contract the SCDW coverage, you must deposit, by credit or debit card, a guarantee deposit of at least 300 euros. This amount will serve as a guarantee for possible differences in the return due to non-compliance with the conditions agreed in the rental contract.

Vehicle Group Down Payment Currency
A / B / C 300.00 EUR
FROM 500.00 EUR
F/G 700.00 EUR

The refund of the amount set as a Guarantee Deposit or the amount set as Excess, depending on your bank, may take up to 15 business days to be reflected in your balance.

The fuel is the responsibility of the client, committing to return it with the level of the deposit equal to the delivery, likewise no amount will be returned for fuel except for replacement of the vehicle due to a breakdown upon presentation of a supporting receipt. The fuel consumed by the vehicle during the rental period is at the customer’s expense.

In the event that the customer does not return the vehicle with the fuel tank at the same level as the delivery, an additional charge will be applied that includes both the cost of fuel and the charge for refueling management, reflected in the General Conditions by Rental Eco Car . This charge may be made by charging the Guarantee Deposit or the valid payment method with which the rental payment has been guaranteed.

As an optional service, the customer may voluntarily contract the “Fuel Purchase Option”. For your own convenience, you can hire a fuel tank, at the time of delivery of the vehicle, at a competitive price compared to that offered by service stations in the area. This amount will vary depending on the capacity of the tank of each vehicle and the price of fuel at the time of rental. As this is an optional charge that applies to your rental, it is recommended that you return the vehicle with an empty fuel tank as the amount of fuel not consumed during your rental will not be refunded.

The electric only have an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. They are silent engines, fuel saving and do not emit CO2. And they are 100% ecological.

Standard hybrids are cars with a thermal engine (petrol or diesel) plus an electric motor and a non-rechargeable battery. With lower fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.

Plug-in hybrids have a range of 50 or 60 kilometers in electric mode (depending on the model). It consumes less fuel compared to the standard hybrid.

It drives exactly like a normal car with an automatic gearbox.

You will not hear any noise when you start the vehicle. However, you will see an icon or the word “READY” on the instrument panel.

Most electric vehicles are equipped with pedestrian alert. Below 20 or 30 km/h, the vehicle whistles.

All electric vehicles have different driving modes:

– ECO: acceleration is limited, behavior is similar to that of a conventional vehicle. But often heating or cooling is also limited to increase autonomy.

– Normal mode: medium mode

– Sports mode: the vehicle provides maximum acceleration and behaves like a sports car.

The distance that an electric vehicle can travel with a full charge is its autonomy and will depend on the model. Depending on the capacity of the electric vehicle’s battery, you can travel between 200 and 490 kilometers on a single charge.

You can charge it in garages and private car parks or at public charging points, which you will find in shopping centres, service stations and public car parks.

Public charging points allow greater autonomy and faster charging.

There are different types depending on the car connector:

Schuko . It can recharge small electric cars that do not require a lot of energy, but it is not intended exclusively for charging electric vehicles. It is only adaptive with slow loads. It has two terminals and a ground connection, supports currents of up to 12 amps (A) and its maximum power is 2.3 kilowatts (kW).

Type 1 connector (SAE J1722). It has five terminals: two current, one ground and two complementary. It has a maximum intensity of 34 A in single-phase loads and a power of 7.4 kW.

Type 2 connector (IEC 62196). It consists of seven terminals: four for three-phase current, the ground one and two for communications. It is very versatile, since it allows alternating loads of up to 16 A in single phase for slow loads and 63 in three phase for fast loads. The power can range from 3.5 kW in single phase to 44 kW in three phase.

The charging times depend on the power capacity of the charging point, the charging power of the vehicle and the type of charger.

Slow charge: between 5 and 8 hours on average. It is the one that uses the largest number of electric vehicles. You can find them in private garages ( hotel parking ) or in shopping malls.

Semi -fast charge : between 1 hour and 3 hours. Available in public and private car parks, such as shopping centers or hotel car parks, service stations or gas stations.

Quick charge: between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. At most gas stations or specific charging points on public roads and/or shopping malls.

Charging points are generally not equipped with a credit card reader. Some charging points in shopping centers allow you to pay via mobile. Generally, you must be registered with a service provider and activate charging with a specific card.

To charge at a public charging point, you will need a specific card and be registered with a service provider.

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